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A stellate connective tissue cell found in fibrous tissue. Also known as a fibrocyte.



the basic cellular unit of connective tissue in man and other vertebrates. Fibroblasts produce fibers and the ground substance of connective tissue. They are converted to fibrocytes as a result of differentiation.

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Fibroblasts control local and distant angiogenesis mediated by bone marrow stem cells; however, they are transformed into invasive types and myofibroblasts (De Wever & Mareel 2003; Orimo et al., 2005) within the stroma of invasive cancers of the breast, colon, ovaries, pancreas and prostate (Kalluri & Zeisberg, 2006).
Pressure elevation slows the fibroblast response to wound healing.
TAZ activation drives fibroblast spheroid growth, expression of profibrotic paracrine signals, and context-dependent ECM gene expression.
Type I and III collagens expression in ADSCs-induced fibroblasts under the optimized concentration of combined basic fibroblast growth factor and epidermal growth factor treatment
According to the company: "SpinalCyte's Phase 1/Phase 2 clinical trial for injected human dermal fibroblasts in the treatment of DDD demonstrated preliminary six-month data whereby 83 percent of patients had an increase or no change in disc height."
KEYWORDS: Hypertrophic Scar, Fibroblast Cell, Lipopolysaccharide, Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinase.
Similarly, when miRNA-133 was used in conjunction with GMT, Mespl, and Myocd or GHT, Myocd, and miRNA-1, the reprogramming efficiency was increased in both human and mouse fibroblasts by repressing Snai1 and silencing fibroblast gene signatures [35, 37].
The atrial fibroblast model was based on the active 1 model described by Maleckar et al.
Myofibroblasts isolated from the mouse lungs were seeded (0.1 x [10.sup.6]) on 22 x 22 mm glass coverslips in fibroblast culture medium.
TNF-[alpha] (Miltenyi Biotec, cat nr 130-094014) (10 ng/ml) was used as a positive control in fibroblast experiments.
Hypertrophic scars These occur when the skin makes too many fibroblasts as the acne spot heals, causing a raised scar.
On day 5, in group A 70% animals showed only few fibroblasts in the wound field, while none of the animals showed prominent fibroblasts which indicates that inflammation is in progression phase.