(Arabic and Persian, literally, “one who sacrifices himself in the name of a faith or an idea”). (1) In medieval Iran, Syria, and Lebanon, a member of a secret organization of assassins.

(2) During the Iranian Revolution of 1905–11, a member of armed voluntary detachments made up of the urban poor, the petite bourgeoisie, peasants, and workers, which constituted the major revolutionary force. These detachments played a vital role in the Tabriz Uprising of 1908–09.

(3) A member of the the defensive detachments that were formed during the national democratic movement in Iranian Azerbaijan in 1945 and 1946.

(4) A fighter in the urban detachments of the Algerian patriotic underground during the national liberation war of 1954–62.

(5) A member of the armed guerrilla detachments of the Palestine resistance movement, sometimes referred to erroneously as a fedayee.

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Fidai also said that construction of 64 schools in Khost is currently underway and approval of construction of 98 Macombo buildings and 118 schools have been included in the planning, as well as Khost University's head Nasir Ahmad Roshan also Preparation for construction was increased: The new building school was built in a panic and basically the total cost of 3 million 590 thousand Afs was built in Iqbal Bernamyana, 6 curriculum, an administrative room, drinking water well.
The trial court had awarded 125 times life imprisonment to convict Umar Fidai, which is equal to overall 3432 years in jail.
Les attentats des fidai et les operations d'assassinat des traitres et d'officiers de l'armee francaise auxquels l'occupant repond par des arrestations de masse, l'emprisonnement dans les camps de concertation...
The video was widely shared among social media users after entertainment journalist Sohel Fidai first tweeted it.
The video was uploaded on Twitter by Sohel Fidai, an entertainment journalist, and received more than 240 thousand views.
The union councils of tehsil Bahawalnagar peer skander, qasimka, rabnawazpura, rojhanwali, sanataka, wazirka, said ali, muhammadpursansaran, laleka, habibka, fidai shah, dhaddikhazansingh, chakoka, chabiana, trobari, rihanabhandwali, munianwala and adlana included in this constituency of National Assembly 188.
Deputy District Health Officer Hafeez Fidai visited the THQ hospital and inquired after the patients.
The two most well-known books in the camps were Islam aur Fidai Hamlay (Islam and Suicide Attacks), written by Mufti Abdul Bashar Qasmi, and Fazail-e-Jihad (Virtues of Jihad), written by Maulana Masood Azhar.
'Our TSG unit (Fidai Unit) carried out the attack on PAF Camp Badabair', said an email message of TTP sent to the media houses and reporters
Khitab, now head of an Islamic group called Fidai Mahaz, went on: "When Amir ul-Momineen was reciting his will, Mansoor told him, 'You can't name anyone else chief as I'm running the movement.