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1. a violin played as a folk instrument
2. Nautical a small railing around the top of a table to prevent objects from falling off it in bad weather
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a stringed instrument, played with a bow. The fiddle was used from the eighth to the mid-14th century in Western Europe by itinerant musicians. In German-speaking countries the term “Fiedel” is analogous to the “vielle” or “viola” of Romance languages. The fiddle was spade-shaped, pear-shaped, or guitar-shaped, the last-mentioned being the classic type. Initially, its body had two flat sounding boards, square upper bouts, two semicircular soundholes, a fingerboard without frets, and a flat pegbox with perpendicularly placed tuning pegs. The fiddle had one to five strings, which were tuned in fourths or fifths (seeSTRINGED INSTRUMENT, BOWED).


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But Ruby Jane excels at more than just fiddle playing. She is now a master of eight other instruments--mandolin, guitar, harmonica, banjo, Dobro, piano, drum, and spoons--all of which you are likely to hear her play if you attend one of her concerts.
His high energy singing and fiddle playing, backed by a superb band, had everyone on their feet and jigging after the rain.
Fiddle playing Helen is now doing dates all over the country as well as in England.
The relative flowering of Wine's fiddle playing in his later years, when he was persuaded to start performing again at folk music revivals, suggests that the creation of "tradition" is not a simple linear process.
The southwest Virginia native discovered the thrill of singing and fiddle playing 10 years ago when she and five fellow musicians formed Squeeze Bayou, an award-winning Cajun music band influenced by the traditional two-step dances of southwestern Louisiana.
That's 292,000 fiddle playing, jigging Metis, depending of course on how they are defined.
Rather than presenting each fiddler as a separate entry, as is common in other publications on regional styles, Perlman has distilled the many hours of interviews from roughly 150 musicians and other locals into topical chapters where he addresses a particular aspect of fiddle playing and its social context.
Meanwhile her stunning fiddle playing displays an enviable technique married to a love of Old-timey, Bluegrass, Jazz and Country traditions while all the while pushing musical boundaries.
There was the chance to have a go at fiddle playing, rapping, dancing or singing in venues such as Cliffe House, Coach House and the village hall.
I appreciate more of the bohemian, fiddle playing dungareewearing hand-clap overstep of Dexys and then you had the glamour of DD, the haircuts, the exotic lifestyle.
Convening here with fiddle playing sidekick Steve Wickham in Nashville - and a band including the great bass playing veteran David Hood - Modern Blues is Scott at his most ebullient and unbounded.
GRAFTON -- If you enjoy playing the fiddle, dancing or listening to the New England style of fiddle playing, join accomplished instructor Myra MacLeod for a dynamic fiddle workshop and Contra Dance sponsored by Apple Tree Arts in collaboration with the Willard House and Clock Museum.