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fiddleback, cross figure, cross fire, ripple figure

Abrupt, curly figures in wood, particularly maple and mahogany, caused by undulations in fiber alignment.
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Prospect Genius uses a method called search engine optimization, or SEO, to push Fiddleback Construction to the top of customers' search engine results.
From Fiddleback Whittlers to Congress and Canoe designs, this style has grabbed the boomers who want to listen to these knives "walk and talk" and remember their youth.
Sam Maloof ran his weathered forefinger up the sculpted edge of the Fiddleback Maple dining chair and followed the hard line across the oiled back and down the buttery soft arm.
The brown recluse spider is also known as the necrotizing spider, fiddleback spider, and violin spider (on its dorsal cephalothorax is a violin-shaped mark).
Certain individual trees pro duce some striking grain patterns, such as birdseye and fiddleback.
Sedgley, August Pachmayr and others, Farman started with a stick of quarter-sawn California English walnut featuring fiddleback figure from end-to-end.
Some trees produce spectacularly grained wood in curly, fiddleback, quilt, and bird's-eye designs that are treasured by fine furniture makers.
Because it has a violin-shaped mark on its body, the brown recluse is often called the fiddleback spider.
Inside the cabin, an Eliade cloth headlining, new contemporary Dark Fiddleback Eucalyptus veneers, optional two-tone leather color split and short center console continue the fresh, sporting design theme.
Quartered it can yield a block mottled figures that is almost a fiddleback," said Scott.
Wood veneers such as quarter fiddleback anegre, sycamore, makore, and brazilian lacewood have recently replaced walnut, cherry, and mahogany of earlier periods.