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Fides, asteroid 37 (the 37th asteroid to be discovered, on October 5, 1855), is approximately 94 kilometers in diameter and has an orbital period of 4.3 years. It was named after the Roman goddess of faith, honesty, and oath. Like its mythological namesake, the asteroid confers faithfulness and honesty to natives in whose chart it is prominent (e.g., conjunct the Sun or the ascendant). Fides relates particularly to overt displays of honesty and to the outward performance of duty. Negatively, it may manifest itself as blind faith, as the tendency to use honesty as an excuse for expressing unkind remarks, or as the trait of emphasizing the duties others have toward oneself as a way of manipulating their behavior.


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" The Decision concluded that because the person did not establish by clear and convincing evidence that he had a bona fide marriage with his first wife, or that he and his first wife shared the emotional, economic or domestic bonds normally associated with marriage, his current petition for his second wife was being denied.
Albayalde, will also obstruct justice with her bare hands by blocking a police van because he's imprisoned inside and she knows not where he will be brought, or what perchance will happen to him because of a state malady called evidencia plantida de pulis," Fides said in a statement.
According to Albayalde, Fides has interrupted the procedures of the police for her husband.
Acerca da bona fides, independentemente do ambito e da funcao que esta tenha na usucapiao, revolvem-se as seguintes questoes, que correspondem mais intimamente a sua essencia e poderiam ser encaradas quase como questoes prejudiciais: Deve-se conceber a boa fe como um estado etico ou como um estado psicologico (um erro)?
Se completa este apartado con dos trabajos sobre la recepcion de la Fides et ratio en Polonia (Lukasz Kamykowsky) y en el ambito espanol (Salvador Pie-Ninot).
The real contribution of The Two Wings of Catholic Thought is to convey very effectively--better than the encyclical itself does--just why Fides et Ratio ultimately matters inside the Church and for important issues in wider culture.
Fides suggests that the celebs could find better things to spend their money on.
River fides in inner tubes carry me and my daughter along in a big circle through the park.