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Five of the fiefs, Penrice, Port Eynon, Oxwich, Nicholaston and Penmaen plus the Lord's manor of Pennard, stood apart from the others in that documentary evidence suggests they were colonised by people from the south-west of England.
In this paper we start from the premise that senior Chinese managers, like their western counterparts, will occupy an information environment within their own firm characteristic of fiefs. Drawing on the work of Boisot and Child (1988), we shall build on the idea that in the Chinese enterprise, a much larger proportion of firm transactions tend to gravitate towards the fief region of the C-space than is the case in western or indeed in Japanese firms.
" From the new expressway to promoting Hindi literature, Akhilesh cannot look beyond his fief. While the proposed expressway from Lucknow to Agra will pass through Etawah, Mainpuri and Kannauj, the writers who will work for Hindi literature are also from the same area," Anil added.
Noble mines the papers to develop the world in which they lived, both social and domestic, with a wealth of detail about the members of the household, the people of the surrounding countryside, the interaction of the Stonors with officials and others in positions of power, the complex establishment and function of fiefs, and the impact over time on their lands and powers of the rulers of England.
Released to fight against the Saracens in Spain, he again wins favor and is eventually given the fiefs of Hainaut and Brabant.
Islamabad condamne depuis une decennie les tirs de drones americains dans les fiefs talibans du nord du pays, consideres comme une atteinte a sa [beaucoup moins que] souverainete [beaucoup plus grand que], meme si des documents rendus publics au cours des dernieres annees suggerent plutot une collaboration entre les deux pays pour certaines de ces frappes.
The military reforms Omura envisioned but did not live to see completed included the abolition of fiefs, the creation of a conscript army under central government control along with the parallel abolition of the samurai, and the establishment of arsenals, military schools, and weapons factories; these ideas formed the basis for Aritomo Yamagata's establishment of the new Imperial Army two years later.