Field Artillery

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field artillery

[′fēld är‚til·ə·rē]
Artillery mounted on carriages, and mobile enough to accompany infantry or armored units in the field.
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Field Artillery


artillery that is organic to combined arms units of various sizes. In the Soviet armed forces, field artillery is called troop (unit) artillery.

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Those colonels (formerly division artillery commanders) and brigadier generals (formerly corps artillery commanders) who served as the senior FSCOORDs had the training, experience, confidence, and access to the senior maneuver and JTF commanders that our current field artillery commanders do not.
At half past eleven on the depot clock, the khaki-clad doughboys, led by their crackerjack 140th Field Artillery Band and the equally impressive 29th Infantry Band from Camp Shelby, stepped forward in unison as they began their "shoulders back, chest out" victory march up Capitol Street.
The operative was in a meeting house when the 1st Battalion, 9th Field Artillery Regiment fired two Excalibur rounds and destroyed the house, the release said.
Zaloga's US FIELD ARTILLERY OF WORLD WAR II (1846030617, $15.95) tells of a new generation of field artillery weapons and tactics born in the 1930s and used in World War II.
A crew from 1st Battalion, 94th Field Artillery, fires a Multiple Launch Rocket System round during live-fire training.
Pabla 139th Field Artillery Regiment Indiana Army National Guard Private First Class Anthony 503d Military Police Battalion P.
As the Senior Engineer Instructor for the Combined Arms Division, Fort Sill, Oklahoma, I teach Field Artillery Officer Basic Course (FAOBC) students and serve as the 30th Field Artillery Regiment's improvised explosive device (IED) subject matter expert.
Here the stovepipes are the Infantry, Armor, Air Defense, Field Artillery, and so on.
Regimental Sergeant Major John Francis Jordan of Thurles, a retired member of the elite Third Field Artillery Regiment, has been awarded the International Veteran Millennium Medal by a prestigious international body..
The 116th consists of three armor battalions, a mechanized infantry battalion, a combat engineer battalion, a field artillery battalion and a support battalion.
The Welsh vets are Alfred Finnigan, 107, of Efailwen, Carmarthenshire, who served with the Royal Field Artillery; George Hardy, 105; and Jack Obourne, 104, who was in the Duke of Devonshire Regiment.
Marine Corp is targeting 2005 as when the newly constructed M777 will be used as field artillery. BAE Systems, Barrow-in-Furness, England, is manufacturing the unit.

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