Fiesta de San Miguel

San Miguel, Fiesta de

September 29
On St. Michael's Day in Taypi, La Paz Department, Bolivia, there is a fiesta that demonstrates the importance of both maintaining and crossing the boundaries that exist between communities. Two dance groups—one from Taypi and the other from Ranikera, about three hours walking distance away—meet in the town square for religious ceremonies and dance performances. Both groups perform at the same time, but do so as individual units, without mingling with the other group. They also maintain their boundaries while eating and resting, each group at one far end of the square. Five communal meals are served, with dancing in between, while spectators from other nearby towns observe the proceedings without entering the festival space.
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En el caso de la Fiesta de San Miguel, patrono del mismo sector, la Fiscal de la capilla, Rosa Ruiz, senala que a mediados del siglo XX:
A festival-goer dons an ornate costume while participating in a parade for La Fiesta de San Miguel in Guanajuato, Mexico.