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Tonight, Dodson watches former opponent Carl Froch bid to become the world's best super-middleweight when fighting American Andre Ward.
"It is no secret that the parties that played a major role in fighting American forces are now preparing to put their battle under the slogan of 'terminating the Iranian influence.' "
The statement charged "the groups behind those attacks, who claim that they are fighting American troops, but they know that they are threatening nobody, but innocent Iraqis, along with important buildings, such as the Basra International Airport, considered one of the important economic installations of Basra Province and the whole of southern Iraq."
Western officials have long accused Pakistan s intelligence services of playing a double game by fighting Islamist militants who pose a domestic threat, but protecting those fighting American troops in Afghanistan.
Summary: The Pakistani Taliban welcomed on Sunday the new government's readiness to negotiate an end to a spreading conflict in Pakistan, but vowed to carry on fighting American forces in neighboring Afghanistan.
THE story of British boxers fighting American champions in America is not one of universal success.
To learn why a resurgent Taliban is fighting American and NATO troops to a military draw in Afghanistan, you have to go to the frontier region on both sides of the Pakistan-Afghanistan border.
Injuries inflicted at Abu Ghraib and Mi Lai, or upon Filipino insurgents fighting American imperialism in the early twentieth century, are not mentioned.
In Hamdi the Court indicated that it might draw a distinction between an enemy combatant like Hamdi, who was an American citizen allegedly captured fighting American forces on a foreign battlefield, and Padilla, an American citizen arrested on American soil.
In his latest tape recording, Saddam urges his supporters to continue fighting American forces.
Hatton, 24, learned only last week he was fighting American Joe Hutchinson instead of unbeaten Brazilian Antonio Mesquita at Newcastle's Telewest Arena.
Jeff Wallman Lexington, Massachusetts To be anti-fuel efficiency is to give aid and comfort to terrorists and groups fighting American soldiers.