file size

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file size

The length of a computer file in bytes. Following are common file types and sizes. See space/time, file and byte.

KB=kilobytes  MB=megabytesGB=gigabytes  TB=terabytesFILE TYPE     APPROX. SIZE

 Text          2KB per page

  MP3           4MB per song
  FLAC         20MB per song
  CD-DA        40MB per song

 Database      KBs to TBs**

 CAD drawing   KBs to GBs**

 Spreadsheet   KBs to MBs**

 Bitmap image  KBs to GBs**

 Bitmap image at 300 dpi
  3x5" print    4MB
  8x10" print  20MB

  DVD           4GB
  Blu-ray      25GB+
  3D Blu-ray   50GB+

 Video         5 to 100MB per minute***

 ** depends on amount of data,
    complexity of drawing or
    size and resolution of image

 *** depends on resolution
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10-K Readability FileSize Submission text file size of 10-K report.
FileSize The size(bytes) of the file involved in the requested.
KTX_error_code result = ktxLoadTextureM( pData, fileSize, &handle, &target, NULL, &mipmapped, NULL, NULL, NULL );
Photographs of such unbelievable resolution ( and therefore, filesize) that NASA has had to postpone downloading the actual files for a quieter day in the future.
- encrypting all file and folder information including filenames, time/date and filesize information
VideoRx also offers a cloud-based encoding, hosting & delivery system, that uses proprietary algorithms to optimize video quality and filesize.
The 41-megapixel camera sensor on the Nokia Lumia 1020 has a dual capture feature, where the phone simultaneously saves a 5-megapixel image right at the same time as taking a larger image, combining 7 pixels into one in a process known as "oversampling." The 5-megapixel image will have a smaller filesize for easier sharing from the Lumia 1020 to various social networks.
* RC(Resource Context) = (tag, resourceType, fileType, fileSize, URL, availability, trust)
It indicates the number of bits that have been padded to the secret file to make the filesize a multiple of eight.
Some old viruses (especially in MS-DOS include information attached to the files they infect, such as the 'last modified' date and the recorded filesize. Antivirus software that scan recently edited files or files that have changed in size will not notice the virus's presence in this case.
Commercial Searching Classification Program (Task 1) (Task 2) Picasa Removable driver Face (Google) Digital camera Place USB video devices Tag Folder Preference(Toggle) Web camera Type Date/Time Recently Updated Filesize Number of Face Album Windows Live.