film camera

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film camera

A camera that exposes photographic film to light in order to take a picture. Used since the late 1800s, the film is a chemical emulsion on a plastic substrate that is sensitive to light. When exposed, an analogous image of the scene is created within the chemical layer of the material (see film). All film cameras are analog cameras (see analog).

Film-based still cameras have been made for a variety of film types including 35mm, Advantix, 120, 220 and the larger 4x5 and 8x10 formats. Film movie cameras capture consecutive images (frames) on 8mm, 16mm and 35mm film. Contrast with digital camera. See cine.

Analog and Digital
Canon's popular analog Elph (bottom) used Advantix film. The digital Elph (top) added the huge advantage of instant playback. See Advanced Photo System.

You Have to Wind Analog Film
With the back opened, the film roll is inserted into the chamber, and the film leader is pulled out and inserted into the take-up slot. After the back is closed, the winder is pushed a couple times to draw the film around the take-up reel.

Now in Flea Markets
Analog film cameras are commonly found in flea markets where this was taken. At the top are single lens reflex cameras with interchangeable lenses. However, as of 2021, Nikon and Leica were still making a 35mm analog camera.

Model 3 Brownie Box Camera (1919)
Eastman Kodak sold millions of roll film Brownies from 1900 to the early 1960s. The manual advised "holding your breath" to take the picture. After pressing "flash paper" onto the lighting tray (top right), it burst into flames when a lit match was placed near the hole in the back.
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In simple words, film cameras offer higher "resolution" than digital cameras.
( Fujifilm instax mini 9 Instant Film Camera Bundle , $74.99, save $30 Bundle includes Mint Green camera, case, two double-A batteries, wrist strap, one pack of Rainbow film.
"There are no white balance settings in digital film cameras as found in EFP cameras.
Until recently, digital film cameras could not approach the quality afforded by the massive 70 mm IMAX film stock.
Nick and Tom, who have been interested in photography for five years, also sell film cameras and accessories online at The oldest camera they've sold so far is a Rolleiflex, made by Franke and Heidecke in the 1920s.
"Right now, we would only make a film camera on special order, but there are a lot of moviemakers who really love film, especially on the feature side, so we keep our eye on that."
The device, made by German technology company Retina Implant AG, fits under the retina and works like a digital film camera.
Sanyo Dual Cameras use a proprietary double range zoom which offers a 12x zoom equivalent to 40mm to 480mm in a 35mm film camera. The VPC-CA102YL has a High-Speed Sequential Shooting mode which can capture up to 22 still images a second.
"The Red One camera is much more like a film camera than a DV camera, and needs great support staff.
Despite the free fall in prices of film cameras in the last 10 years and a significant gap between film camera prices and digital camera prices, digital cameras have dominated the sales mix since 2003, according to PMA Marketing Research.
In 1995, Casio released the first consumer digital camera in the Japanese market, just as the film camera market was reaching the saturation point in 1996.