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(graphic arts)
A continuous length of 35-millimeter film containing a number of still photographs, drawings, or charts, which are projected on a screen one at a time.
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(in Russian, diafil’m), a short film composed of a number of positive images (slides) that have a common topic; less frequently, the pictures are not so connected. Filmstrips are usually produced on color or black-and-white film by the reverse process or by combining two separate (negative and positive) processes. A microfilm is a special variety of filmstrip.

Filmstrips are viewed through a viewer (for individual use) or a projector (to reproduce the image on a screen). Sometimes a sound recording of a spoken narrative or of background music is run simultaneously with the showing of a filmstrip. Filmstrips serve as visual aids in schoolwork, during lectures, and for propaganda purposes. They are an important tool of education and help children to develop their aesthetic taste, curiosity, and good working habits. In the USSR filmstrips are produced by the Diafil’m studio (established in 1930 in Moscow).

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For Edwards, in 1988, the formats for materials were print, kits with cassette tapes, books (which were available for student check out), and filmstrips. Laserdiscs and CD-ROM were the hot new formats.
The film, actually an educational filmstrip, especially upset people.
10 ( ANI ): A new app for iOS devices provides users with a new way to browse their friends' Instagram images by turning them into filmstrip of thumbnails.
The educational filmstrip Practicing Democracy in the Classroom (1953) begins with a narrator describing the place of public education in a crucial time period: "At the heart of our struggle to maintain and strengthen a democratic way of life are the nation's schools.
During my Educational Technology course at University I had to master such complex tasks as creating a series of overheads, threading a filmstrip projector and even learning how to operate a 16mm movie projector.
27 with a posh gala in central Rome's disused Etoile movie theater, occupying three floors, with a staircase sporting a filmstrip motif and a 19-seat screening room.
In fact, an ingenious feature called Compound Clips lets you collapse a stack of audio and video clips into a single, merged filmstrip on the timeline.
puncturing the landscape filmstrip hitting a spot freezing the frame
In "An Act of Oblivion," the narrator says, "Life is not comedy or tragedy but archaeology, a poking about in the middens for fragments, what's left." Most people do not see their lives as a continuous filmstrip, but rather, a series of snapshots, and these characters are desperate to put theirs in order.
The exhibition, presented like a continuous filmstrip, captures the movement of people within the metropolis and builds a fascinating narrative exposing aspects of life which can otherwise be taken for granted.
This includes bibliographic details; a filmstrip which gives snapshots from the film (and is also downloadable); questions and activities to give starters for use; rights holder information and related clips.
One large man even had a garish boyhood memory washed out--like acid on a filmstrip. Weeks later, he told me he experiences a sudden warmth and joy each time he tries to recall the nightmarish scene.