Boxer Protocol

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Boxer Protocol


(in Russian, Final Protocol), an accord signed on Sept. 7, 1901, between China and the powers (Germany, Austria- Hungary, Belgium, Spain, the USA, France, Great Britain, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, and Russia) that suppressed the anti-imperialist Boxer Rebellion (also known as the I Ho T’uan Rebellion).

Under the terms of the protocol, China pledged to pay an indemnity of 450 million taels by 1940; with interest the total indemnity payment was 982 million taels (1.5 billion gold rubles). In addition, the importation of arms and ammunition by China was prohibited for two to four years, the Taku military forts were razed, the great powers were given occupation rights at 12 points between Peking and the sea, and a regular military guard was set up in the legation quarter. The Boxer Protocol served to facilitate China’s enslavement by foreign imperialists and its transformation into a semicolony.


Sbornik dogorov idiplomaticheskikh dokumentov po delam Dal’nego Vostoka 1895–1905 g.g. St. Petersburg, 1906.
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