Finck, Franz Nikolaus

Finck, Franz Nikolaus


Born Feb. 26, 1867, in Krefeld; died May 3, 1910, in Berlin. German linguist.

Finck studied in Munich, Paris, and Marburg. He was a professor at the University of Berlin in 1909 and 1910. Finck published works on problems of general linguistics, studied Armenian and Gypsy languages, among others, and was one of the first to describe contemporary Irish dialects. A follower of the ideas of W. von Humboldt, he worked on general problems of the typology of the world’s languages; he developed a system of typological classification of languages, much of which has retained its importance until today.


Die araner Mundart, vols. 1–2. Marburg, 1899.
Die Sprachstämme des Erdkreises, 3rd ed. Leipzig-Berlin, 1923.
Die Haupttypen des Sprachbaus, 5th ed. Stuttgart, 1965.


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