Fingal's Cave

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Fingal's Cave

Fingal's Cave (fĭngˈgəl, fĭnˈ–), cavern, 227 ft (69 m) long, celebrated for its unusual beauty, on Staffa island, one of the Inner Hebrides, W Scotland. The entrance is an archway supported by basaltic columns 20 to 40 ft (6.1–12.2 m) high. The cave is inundated by the sea. Felix Mendelssohn composed an overture called The Hebrides or Fingal's Cave.
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Fingal’s Cave


a grotto on the southwestern shore of Staffa Island in the Hebrides, in Great Britain. Fingal’s Cave is approximately 70 m long and up to 14 m wide, with elevations ranging to 30 m; the bottom is covered with water. The cave was formed by the action of the sea on basalts, which have the shape of polyhedral vertical columns. The acoustics of the cave are unique. Fingal’s Cave is a tourist site.

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SPECTACULAR SIGHT: Fingal's Cave on Staffa; OASIS OF TRANQUILITY: Isle of Mull at sunset; MAGICAL SPOT: Celtic cross at Iona Abbey
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FINGAL'S CAVE, Staffa, Inner Hebrides This sea cavern, more than 20m high, is formed of beautiful hexagonal basalt columns and arches and is one of the most majestic places in Scotland.
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The concert opener was Felix Mendelssohn's wonderfully descriptive Hebrides Overture, Fingal's Cave, poignantly played and thoughtfully dedicated by Zehetmair to two of the classical music greats who have died over the past few days -- fellow Austrian conductor Nikolaus Harnoncourt and the composer Sir Peter Maxwell Davies.
Mendelssohn's Fingal's Cave, Beethoven's First Symphony and Faure's Pavane sit happily alongside Prokofiev's First (Classical) Symphony, Gareth Glyn's Legend of the Lake, and Seagull Nebula by Csanyi-Wills.
but can you to I took a cruise from Oban and had hoped to visit Iona to tour the monastery and Staffa to explore Fingal's Cave but the weather had other ideas.
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In 1829, young Mendelssohn schlepped from Hamburg to the Hebrides to see Fingal's Cave, the inspiration for his ever-popular Hebridean Overture.
'And we sailed to Fingal's Cave off the west coast of Scotland in a northerly gale with steep seas breaking over the boat.
Or another hop takes you to STAFFA - where you can visit the awe-inspiring basalt columns of Fingal's Cave.
Repairs to Fingal's Cave, on Staffa, are due to get under way as soon as materials to repair a concrete path into the cave can be delivered to the uninhabited island, a spokeswoman for the National Trust for Scotland confirmed yesterday.