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(mechanical engineering)
Forming an internal screw thread in a hole or other part by means of a tap.
Opening the pouring hole of a melting furnace to remove molten metal.
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special wounding of growing trees for the purpose of obtaining essential oils, resins, raw rubber, and sugar syrup.

The tapping of rubber trees is the most developed form of tapping in world economy. In the USSR the tapping of pine trees is commercially significant. To a small extent the nut pine Pinus Sibirica and the fir are tapped, and a very valuable balsam used in optics is obtained. In the USSR in the southern Urals and Byelorussia, birch and maple are tapped for their sugar syrup.

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Gently touching a touch-sensitive screen. See tap and touchscreen.
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Three additional reflective markers were placed on the hand to define a reference plane that was used to mathematically exclude possible contamination due to unwanted hand movements from the index finger tapping recordings [26, 32].
For the Finger Tapping Test, there was very little change between the pretest and posttest scores, which was expected because this intervention was not designed to improve psychomotor function.
BOLD signal changes Talairach co-ordinates Brain region BA Voxels X Y Z Voxel T Finger tapping (right-hand) LH motor cortex BA 4 5 465 -43 -35 -21 14.24 RH cerebellum - 3 105 14 -56 39 13.11 Verb generation LH Broca's area BA 44 4 170 -49 16 -3 7.86 LH Wernicke's area BA 22 3 097 -58 -50 21 5.34 Passive listening LH Wernicke's area BA 22 5 187 -64 -35 2 7.23 RH Wernicke's area BA 22 2 776 56 -26 -6 5.89 BOLD = blood oxygen level-dependent; LH = left hemisphere; RH = right hemisphere.
4 shows a brain activation map where orange regions have greater activity during left hand finger tapping compared to right hand finger tapping, and vice versa for blue regions.
Her opening number, accompanied only by her finger tapping on the mic to create a simple but effective percussive noise, set the standard for a strangely mesmerising set.
Hardly novices to the open road, this was the Bear's most extensive tour in their four-year career and proved not only to be successful in bringing their impeccable melodies, driving dance beats, and trademark Metallica-inspired finger tapping to curious chicos and chicas, but proved to be the creative source behind their sophomore release Menos El Oso.
But after just four short phone calls and a lot of finger tapping, Kerry's urges to light up have vanished.
A multivariate analysis found two associations with increasing blood mercury: A 3% decline in performance on the Rey complex figure delayed recall (a test of visual memory), and a 2% improvement in performance on finger tapping (a test of manual dexterity).
The purpose of this study was to obtain normative data for a computerised finger-tapping instrument and to compare it to other traditional finger tapping devices.
After finger tapping activations of her acupressure meridians, she reported a shift in her pain that allowed her to return to the scenario and begin the release work.
The testings seemed endless and concluded with the Finger Tapping Test.
So long as wood continues to be the world's preferred building and furniture material, people will ask, "What kind of wood is this?" The question is usually followed by folklore, wild guesses, and a lot of finger tapping, nail scraping, gouging, and eyeballing.