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(in the dressing of minerals), the final stage of the production process that results in the production of a certified concentrate. The finishing can be carried out by repeating the methods that were used to produce the rough concentrates (that is, by repeated cleaning of the rough concentrates), or the use of more complex and costly processes of concentration of minerals or hydrometallurgy may be necessary. For example, after gravity concentration, finishing can be accomplished by flotation or electrical separation. As a rule, hydrometallurgy is used for leaching out harmful impurities (for example, phosphorus from tungsten concentrates). If finishing differs substantially from the primary concentration in terms of the methods and equipment used, a special finishing mill is sometimes built for processing uniform uncertified concentrates for several enrichment plants.

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Leveling, smoothing, compacting, and otherwise treating surfaces of fresh (or recently placed) concrete or mortar to produce desired appearance and texture.
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