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So he was content, when he had overthrown and slashed wide the throat of one of their dogs, to drop back and let the pack go in and do the cruel finishing work.
RAWALPINDI -- The slow pace of finishing work on the newly constructed airport road is causing nuisance for commuters as traffic snarl-ups have become a common feature on the road.
Initially, possession in the areas where 100 % development work has been completed will be given while possession in the areas where final touches are being given to finishing work will be handed over by February 2016.
In this context, the Saudi Press Agency (SPA)'s camera spotted the finishing work of bridges linking the external squares with the upper floors of the holy Mosque, such as Al-Ragouba bridge; Ajyad bridge; the four bridges linking Al-Mataf building and the 3rd Saudi extension buildings as well as the completion of finishing works in the floor of the first mezzanine of Al-Mataf and completing the building of the main gates of the holy Mosque, such Al-Fateh gate, Umrah gate and King Abdulaziz gate.
Bulgarian construction company Trace Group Hold AD has signed a contract for the finishing work on the Pirot-Dimitrovgrad section of the E80 motorway in Serbia.
The 20-year-old man was not wearing safety helmet while carrying out finishing work at the 24th floor of the building.
By NEWS REPORTER Robert Steven Roden, 42, disappeared after finishing work in Wrexham at 7.
Skelmersdale I doubt many passengers would see this as any kind of improvement, particularly those that have to travel out of the city centre, if finishing work after 6.
The 30mph restriction on a section of the Porth Relief Road was set as a safety measure while finishing work was carried out.
So, I have to wait three hours from finishing work to actually be able to get on a bus
Finishing work to widen the footpath outside Barr's Hill School (limited off-peak single lane closures will be required)
Enjoying someone else's misfortune scored more highly than finishing work early, which was third, or hearing a favourite song on the radio, in fourth spot.