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Finnish language,

also called Suomi, member of the Finnic group of the Finno-Ugric languagesFinno-Ugric languages
, also called Finno-Ugrian languages, group of languages forming a subdivision of the Uralic subfamily of the Ural-Altaic family of languages (see Uralic and Altaic languages).
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. These languages form a subdivision of the Uralic subfamily of the Ural-Altaic family of languages (see Uralic and Altaic languagesUralic and Altaic languages
, two groups of related languages thought by many scholars to form a single Ural-Altaic linguistic family. However, other authorities hold that the Uralic and Altaic groups constitute two unconnected and separate language families.
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). Finnish is spoken by about 5 million people in Finland. Additional speakers totaling close to 1 million live in neighboring areas of Sweden and Russia and also in the United States. There are several dialects. In Finnish the first syllable of a word is stressed. The language has 15 cases for nouns, personal pronouns, and adjectives. It lacks grammatical gender and the article. There is a negative conjugation for the verb. Like the other Uralic and Altaic languages, Finnish has vowel harmony and agglutination. Postpositions are employed instead of prepositions. Suffixation is used to form derived nouns and verbs. The Finnish vocabulary has been enriched by words borrowed from the Germanic, Slavic, and Baltic languages. A modified Roman alphabet is used for writing Finnish, which has been recorded since the 16th cent.


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The Finnish language has had a significant effect on English in the northwestern Upper Peninsula, for Finns were one of the last ethnic groups to immigrate there and, by far, the largest group to settle in the area.
He shows that the process was more complicated in the Diocese of Turku (that is, Finland) than in the rest of Sweden because some people spoke Finnish, and it was necessary to develop a written Finnish language before vernacularization could begin.
The poets, performance artists and creative writing lecturers recently launched the Finnish language version of their anthology SAMPO: Heading Further North.
The Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority approved today the Finnish language supplement to the share exchange offer document and prospectus, relating to the competition go-ahead from the European Commission (EC) unveiled earlier this week, SSAB said.
According to Morningstar's data, which were published on its Finnish language website, Dodge & Cox held 314m Nokia shares as at the end of June 2013, an increase from 251m shares, or a 6.8% stake, as at end-March 2013.
Musiikkibasaari is in Finnish only, but on the other hand the idea and most of its content is easy to understand and use without any knowledge of the Finnish language. Just give it a try!
Voice and language solutions provider Nuance Communications Inc (NASDAQ:NUAN) said today that its Dragon Dictation and Dragon Search apps for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad are now available in Finland, supporting the Finnish language.
She said: "The school was founded for the purpose of making it easier for Finnish or half-Finnish parents to pass the language to their children and offer an opportunity to anyone interested in Finland or the Finnish language to study it in Cardiff.
When compared with Indo-European languages, the Finnish language differs in a number of ways.
They added that this naming of the language was a good solution, similar to naming of the Greek language as Elinika and of the Finnish language as Suomi.
by Finnish-American and local artists will be on display, and local Finnish experts will discuss the local Finnish community, Scandinavian literature and Finnish sauna and answer frequently asked questions about the Finnish language.

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