Fire Phone

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Fire Phone

An Android smartphone from that never took off in the market. Debuting in July 2014, the Fire was no longer available from Amazon a year later, although refurbished units have been available from third parties.

A physical Firefly button scanned book covers, album covers, QR barcodes and works of art and delivered information about the objects and their availability on Firefly could also identify music, movies and TV shows and offer up the item for purchase. For novices, Mayday delivered video chat tech support, and the rep could annotate the user's phone in real time.

Also included was unlimited Amazon cloud storage for photos taken with the Fire's 13-megapixel camera. The phone could be autoscrolled by tilting it, and flipping the device rendered an auxiliary screen with more menus and functions for the app in use. Like the Kindle Fire tablets, apps came from Amazon's app store. See Kindle Fire.

3D Dynamic Perspective
The Fire's four front-facing cameras created a 3D perspective as the phone was angled. In this maps app example, the building seems to pop out of the screen. (Image courtesy of
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E*TRADE's mobile offerings include investing applications for popular devices including iPhone[R], iPad[R], Android Phone and Tablet, Windows Phone and Kindle Fire Tablet and Amazon Fire Phone.
Amazon needs Twitch's programming to help fill a growing number of platforms and screens it's manufacturing and selling, like Kindle Fire tablets, Fire TV and Fire Phone, designed as entertainment devices.
The Fire phone was expected to cost far less, with Amazon making most of its money not on hardware sales but on all of the additional products Fire users would be buying from Amazon.
Another big feature of the Fire Phone is Amazon's "dynamic perspective," which changes the view of an image with a new sensor system that responds to the way users hold, view and move the phone.
The company reported severe losses between April and June following heavy investment in new products and services, including the launch last month of Amazon's first smartphone, the Fire Phone.
AVG Technologies, (NYSE: AVG) said it has announced two AVG apps that use Amazon's innovative Dynamic Perspective technology solely created for the new Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) Fire Phone.
A new feature lets the new Amazon Fire Phone send a movie or TV show wirelessly to a compatible television while the the phone serves as a "second screen" to display information about actors, locations, and scenes.
I'm here to explain why the Amazon Fire Phone doesn't matter a jot to Apple.
What's special to the Fire phone is Firefly, a service that allows users to scan any item seen in a brick-and-mortar store and then display an Amazon.
Why on EARTH would any sane, decent-minded, human being make a hoax fire phone call at any time, let alone when there is a national firefighters' strike?