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As a direct result new jobs have been created and County Fire Protection has increased their staff by 25%.
Advanced solutions for fire protection by government is the challenge that is to be faced for the FPS in the market.
The market for passive fire protection through intumescent coatings is expected to increase over the coming years.
According to Chris Jelenewicz, engineering program manager at the Bethesda, MD-based Society of Fire Protection Engineers (SFPE), there are four main areas of passive fire protection.
in Fire Protection Engineering, both from Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI).
Moran Fire Protection has been providing fire protection solutions to Northern Illinois and Northwestern Indiana for over forty years.
International is the leading supplier of fire protection coatings, used to protect steel structures such as commercial buildings and oil and gas installations, with its Interchar and Chartek brands.
Better yet, ask a fire protection engineer--a design professional who really understands the science and technology needed to protect structures, people, and contents from the devastation of fire.

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