fire alarm

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fire alarm

a device to give warning of fire, esp a bell, siren, or hooter

Fire alarm

A device signaling the presence of a fire.
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As authorities have intensified efforts to control fire and improve people's safety following the horrific incident in which a mother lost her seven children in a house fire, a Khaleej Times investigation has found that many family villas in Abu Dhabi don't have fire alarms while others lack fire extinguishers.
Scores of old residential structures of the capital have faulty fire alarms, water sprinklers, and the fire extinguishers have expired years back.
Overall there were 4,981 false calls from automatic fire alarms across the West Midlands in 2014, down slightly from 5,091 in 2013.
Overall there were 37,338 false calls from automatic fire alarms across Scotland
The fire alarm was fully functional and operating correctly at the time of the fire.
The PS350 charge is levied on those responsible for managing the fire alarm system and fire chiefs have admitted that a big problem area are the hospitals across the region.
THE University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff had the second highest number of false fire alarm calls in the UK in the last year, second only to the London Olympics site.
For instance, in my building in Sharjah, the management occasionally conducts alarm tests and check the fire alarm system without prior notice to the residents.
If people want their fire alarms checked it can be done free of charge.
A LARGE kennels and cattery in Chester-le-Street, Durham, has installed the ultimate fire survival cable from AEI Cables to ensure performance of its fire alarm system.
Fire alarm panels were affected and two motors overheated, resulting in smoke in Straub Hall and the Volcanology Building.

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