Fire detector

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fire detector

[′fīr di‚tek·tər]
A temperature-sensing device designed to sound an alarm, to turn on a sprinkler system, or to activate some other fire preventive measure at the first signs of fire.

Fire detector

An automatic device that signals the presence of heat or flame in a structure.An automatic device that signals the presence of heat or flame in a structure.
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Moreover, PIR sensor fire measurement and its using as a fire detector was described in the end of the paper.
FOR your chance to win a burglar alarm system, plus a CO fire detector, both installed and fully monitored, all you have to do is call our hotline on 0901-563 8208 and tell us how many homes are burgled in the UK each minute.
Building systems and equipment are integrated in one place, including surveillance, ventilation, air conditioning, fire detectors and alarm, lighting, parking deck systems, elevators and escalators, and various energy management systems.
The University Hospital of Wales has one of the most extensive fire safety systems in the UK, with 17,000 fire detectors across the site.
Among the topics are basic processes in gaseous detectors, the multi-wire proportional chamber era, new ideas on gaseous detectors during the early years of the era 1968-77, micro-pattern gaseous detectors, and applications ranging from hadron colliders and astrophysics to X-ray scanners and fire detectors.
Like the existing Vortex FP, the FP Compact is specifically designed to monitor toxic and flammable gas detectors or fire detectors where there is a need for the control system to be installed in Atex Zone 1 and 2 hazardous areas.
There are fire detectors, alarms and cameras to show you danger
When he contacted their official distributors here in Saudi Arabia, one of them offered him fire detectors at three times the market price, and another was so surprised to even receive a query from a resident, that he did not even bother to follow up on the customer's request.
He had twice asked bosses at Apollo Fire Detectors for time off but had been refused.
14 -- Apollo Fire Detectors has launched new OpenConnect Gateway that fully integrates fire detection with building management systems (BMS), without the need for complex systems or the use of multiple customized interfaces.
A large number of fires takes place during the summer season, the deputy director of awareness and public relations in Kuwait Fire Services Directorate, Captain Ammar Al-Hbail, said The directorate is exerting all possible efforts to achieve safety and protection for all, he affirmed, calling on citizens to acquire fire detectors, extinguishers and training all family members and domestic workers on procedures of dealing with fires and rescue, beside taking care of children.

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