fire exit

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fire escape

A continuous, unobstructed path of escape from a building for use in case of fire.
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The incident, at a metal fire exit at the rear of the club happened at around 3.10am on April 20 this year.
Inspectors found locked fire exits, cracked and broken masonry, faulty emergency lights and even an illegal helicopter pad on the roof of one factory.
The City Council said the company had failed to risk assess the fire exit as a means of ejection and failed to train door staff.
Of course the fire code still requires a fire-exit sign above the door if it's a fire exit, which calls attention to it, but this approach might help somewhat.
The 11 infractions noted then included a defective fire alarm system, lack of a self-closing fire door at the main stairs, the absence of an automatic fire suppression system, obstructed route to the fire exit and lack of smoke or heat detectors.
To meet these joint but often contradictory needs, Monarch 18-Series exit devices (from Shepherdsville, KY-based Monarch Hardware, a division of Ingersoll-Rand Architectural Hardware) have been used extensively throughout the building, on fire exit doors, stairway doors, and pairs of recessed doors that close off specific theater and exhibit areas for fire protection and security.
This space is empty but for more rat bait and a few newspaper piles beneath the red bulb of a fire exit (a blind exit, built by Gober; there is no exit from the hell of our society).
The mother of a one-yearold boy is worried they may lose their only fire exit if plans for a new north-east restaurant are approved.
1825, Pimentel said the size of fire exit signs should be made very visible, requiring these to be made of "luminous, glow-in-the-dark material and giving specifics for the emergency lights that surround a fire exit."
Rescue officials said the two people who died did not need to jump from the building as a fire exit was available.
Care Quality Commission inspectors have said the Lyndhurst Residential Home in Dewsbury must make improvements to protect the safety and welfare of people living there - especially as they found a fire exit leading to a padlocked gate.
FOOTBALLER Ched Evans raped a girl who was too drunk to consent then slunk away through a fire exit, a jury heard yesterday.