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In October it was reported that BMW was recalling 268,000 cars in the UK due to the potential fire hazard.
Under the Forest Fire Regulations external link, when the Fire Hazard Rating is High, Very High, or Extreme for a region, all permits to burn for that region are suspended.
Talking to the Financial Mirror, Cyprus Green Party MP Charalampos Theopemptou, said that the increased vegetation has indeed increased the fire hazard significantly and authorities should be on their toes.
Through the app, the user shall be notified of fire hazard alerts which shall also be sent to the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) for a faster fire incident response.
The Energy Storage Systems Fire Hazard Considerations webinar is timely for fire protection professionals, as advancing technology continues to drive the innovation of power sources required to operate modern equipment.
FIVE young students were allowed to live in a deathtrap house off Smithdown Road that had more than TWELVE potential fire hazards.
Aluminum wiring, when used for 110-volt circuits, is known to be a fire hazard, but aluminum is still commonly used for 220-volt circuits.
Authors offer guidelines for developing science-based approaches to solving numerous fire problems for multiple materials, from upholstered furniture to lightweight automobile composites to cross-laminated timbers, and prioritize the most critical and urgent fire hazards to which they can be applied.
By nature of different type of machinery, used especially in ginning process, creates serious fire hazard because of friction, heating, static charge, short circuit etc.
Five hazard mapping is impertant to proper planning to fire hazard reduction, management and control of fire (Jaiswal et al.
Another Samsung Galaxy Note took the spotlight as the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) issued a recall for a batch of Galaxy Note 4 batteries, due to fire hazard concerns.
The management protocols allow for temporary staging of used ties for recycling, stipulates conditions and limits the storage periods and requires storage of ties in a manner that minimizes fire hazard and threats to emergency response personnel.