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The fire house has been built just feet away from Gateshead Snooker Club, whose owner Peter Middleton is hoping to see it go.
Most of the existing fire house will remain vacant until city officials decide what, if anything, to do with it.
'The purpose of that is to see whether we can get a sale away in relation to the Slaughter House 'Now with that in mind we're continuing to trade at the Slaughter House and probably the Fire House for the shorter period, simply to see if we can preserve the goodwill and achieve a sale or an assignment of the lease to an interested party.
'Every officer who had some responsibility for supervising that fire house will be accountable as well.'
Last week the brewery announced that the lease to the Fire House was to be forfeited and this led to the viability of the company being called into question.
The Fire House Bar, Hoylake, hosted the night where actresses showed off his spring collection.
Other runners are Blizz Bless, Moon Shadow, Bocelli, Sky Frontier, Fire House, Marco Boy, Thunderaway, Tytola, Kash Is King and Steal A Scene.
Station officer Mike Harris, and retired station officer Joe McKenzie, presented the cheque to the New York Fire Service Charities at Howard Beach Fire House in the Queens district of New York on Sunday.