fire hydrant

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fire hydrant

a hydrant for use as an emergency supply for fighting fires, esp one in a street
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Fire Hydrant


a stationary device for obtaining water from an outdoor water-supply system for fire-fighting purposes. There are underground and surface hydrants. Underground hydrants are set in covered wells, and water is obtained by screwing onto the hydrant a shaft with two water outlets for hose connections. One kind of surface hydrant is the column type, which supplies water for fire-fighting and domestic needs; it combines features of a hydrant shaft and a surface hydrant.

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fire hydrant

[′fīr ‚hī·drənt]
(civil engineering)
An outlet from a water main provided inside buildings or outdoors to which fire hoses can be connected. Also known as fire plug; hydrant.
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fire hydrant, fireplug

fire hydrant
A supply outlet from a water main, for use in case of fire.
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