Fire Phone

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Fire Phone

An Android smartphone from that never took off in the market. Debuting in July 2014, the Fire was no longer available from Amazon a year later, although refurbished units have been available from third parties.

A physical Firefly button scanned book covers, album covers, QR barcodes and works of art and delivered information about the objects and their availability on Firefly could also identify music, movies and TV shows and offer up the item for purchase. For novices, Mayday delivered video chat tech support, and the rep could annotate the user's phone in real time.

Also included was unlimited Amazon cloud storage for photos taken with the Fire's 13-megapixel camera. The phone could be autoscrolled by tilting it, and flipping the device rendered an auxiliary screen with more menus and functions for the app in use. Like the Kindle Fire tablets, apps came from Amazon's app store. See Kindle Fire.

3D Dynamic Perspective
The Fire's four front-facing cameras created a 3D perspective as the phone was angled. In this maps app example, the building seems to pop out of the screen. (Image courtesy of
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"For example, Facebook gave Amazon extended access to user data because it was spending money on Facebook advertising and partnering with the social network on the launch of its Fire smartphone," the report said.
Amazon also partnered with Facebook on the launch of its Fire smartphone. In another case, Facebook discussed denying access to user data for a messaging app that had grown too popular it was viewed as a competitor.
Amazon also launched its new Fire smartphone, which was not well received by consumers and faced strong competition from more popular smartphone brands.
built a similar shopping feature into its Fire smartphone last year.
Customers can download the latest version of the Amazon shopping app on an Android, Apple or Fire smartphone or tablet and find these exclusive deals on the 'Today's Deals' tab, Amazon said.
Amazon said the Fire smartphone with 32 gigabytes of memory will now cost 99 cents when customers sign a two-year contract with AT&T.
Indeed, the Fire smartphone contains several media and shopping features that Amazon hopes will differentiate it from the rest of the pack.
The loss came as Amazon poured money into a new Fire smartphone, original programming for its Prime subscription service, drone package delivery and more.
The retailer has also disclosed specifications of the upcoming Fire smartphone.
But the use of at least two cameras at a time, and the need for infrared lights to assist in lower light levels may affect the battery life of the Fire smartphone. Amazon needs its smartphone to be at least as good as the competition.
The Fire smartphone from Amazon offers much of what's expected in a standard touch-screen smartphone: it has apps, makes calls, sends text messages and takes photos.