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TITAN Cameron Frazer-Denholm, Joshua Elliott, Bethan Frazer-Denholm and Isabel Elliott HOTTING UP El Grando, an 8m-long fire-breathing mechanical dragon, wowed visitors to the Centre for Life RIDING ROUND Children took to the new bike track at Gallagher Park, Bedlington, on Saturday LIGHTING UP Lilia Smath, four, listens to her heartbeat with her dad Kevin at an event at Newcastle's Centre For Life WELLY IT Keeley Llewellyn, six, from Chester-le-Street, at Gibside
Visitors will have the chance to meet Blue Peter presenter Steve Mould, make their own flying machine and come face to face with Titan - the 8ft tall robot who'll be entertaining the crowds at Discovery, while El Grando, an 8m-long fire-breathing mechanical dragon, will greet visitors at Centre for Life.
It's a spectacular finale planned for Spirit - the outdoor festival returning to Dewsbury with fire-breathing dragons.
Other attractions included fire-breathing horses, street performers,and,pictured, above, pan to characters from the Wizard of Oz.
No fire-breathing John Brown of Harper's Ferry fame, Pitner talked darkly of revolution and trained his followers in ragtag commando tactics.
This is the fire-breathing new Porsche Carrera GT sports car which will be making its debut next month at the Geneva Motor Show.
The brothers are bonded by a mutual disdain and a dim regard for their fire-breathing mother, although only Igby inspires the full force of her contempt.
A frenzied Japanese incantation turns Barbra into a mechanical Godzilla, who battles both movie critic Leonard Maltin (as a giant robot) and Sidney Poitier (as a fire-breathing turtle).
Eventually, Jason did grasp the Golden Fleece, but not before plowing a field with fire-breathing bulls and sowing it with dragons' teeth.
The spectacular Isle of Fire will be returning to the festival with their evening shows on July 19 and 20 from 9pm, where the audience walks through a path of flames encountering fire-breathing flowers, scorching sculptures and entrancing trees.
uk/multimedia AUDIO Fire-breathing Dragons Listen to Dragons coach Paul Turner's angry reaction to the tough questioning of our reporter Andy Howell at walesonline.