Fire-tube Boiler

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fire-tube boiler

[′fīr ‚tüb ‚bȯil·ər]
(mechanical engineering)
A steam boiler in which hot gaseous products of combustion pass through tubes surrounded by boiler water.

Fire-tube Boiler


a cylindrical steam boiler with fire tubes extending inside the water area of the boiler from one end plate to the other. A fire-tube boiler may have one or two fire tubes, sometimes more.

Fire-tube boilers appeared in the early 19th century as a result of efforts to increase the steam-producing capacity of simple cylindrical boilers while preserving their overall dimensions by developing their internal heating surfaces. Be-cause of their extremely large size and the significant consumption of metal in their construction, fire-tube boilers have not been made in the USSR since 1951; they have been re-placed by more advanced models.

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A year later he acquired a four-horsepower vertical fire-tube boiler, manufactured in 1940 by the Lookout Boiler and Manufacturing Company, and set it up outside his shop next to the steam engine.
It was in this context that the fire-tube boiler continued to dominate marine steam generation for the entire century.
Jurado said he and his team first became acquainted with Miura seven years ago when Gambrinus needed to replace an aging fire-tube boiler at the BridgePort Brewery.
A fire-tube boiler is the opposite: the hot combustion gases go through tubes or large pipes that are surrounded by water.
Tenders are invited for purchase & installation of two (2) new factory-assembled, 400 horsepower, fire-tube boilers, controls, trim, and accessories.
As a result, NOx emissions are reduced to around one-quarter of what traditional fire-tube boilers emit.
Re-tubing large fire-tube boilers can run about $20,000, and the burner will typically require replacement after only 20 years.
Tenders are invited for Pre-Purchase (only) of two (2) factory-assembled, packaged, 500 horsepower fire-tube boilers, controls, trim, and accessories.
The North River WWTF Anaerobic Digester Boilers/Heat Exchangers and Waste Gas Flare project consists of demolishing two existing combination boiler and heat exchangers and existing waste gas flare, installing two replacement dual fuel (biogas and propane) combination fire-tube boilers and concentric tube heat exchangers and installing a biogas flare for the anaerobic digestion process.