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(naval architecture)
A vessel similar to a tug but fitted with fire-fighting apparatus.



a vessel used to extinguish fires on vessels and along the waterfront. Fireboats are equipped with pumps that deliver water to fixed turntable monitors or hose pipelines. Pumps may be driven by special motors or by the fireboat’s propelling motor. The delivery of the pumps is 200 to 1,000 m3/hr. There are between two and eight turntable monitors, which are generally installed on the bow, stern, and superstructure of the vessel. It is possible to operate the turntable monitors by remote control. Tanks filled with foam-generating substances allow fireboats to extinguish fires involving petroleum and petroleum products on tankers and in coastal storage facilities. Spraying pipe systems are installed around the hulls of fireboats to allow the boats to come very close to burning objects. The seagoing fireboat General Gamidov of the USSR has a displacement of about 1,000 tons and eight turntable monitors, which have a total delivery of 4,000 m3/hr and can send water between 100 and 120 m. The combined water-and-foam fire-extinguishing system can deliver to the scene of a fire as much as 3,400 m3 of foam within 15 min. The cruising speed of the vessel is 17 knots (31.4 km/hr).

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In a new response to companies, Public Services and Procurement Canada confirmed that the tugs and fireboats that might be provided to the Department of National Defence in the future don't necessarily have to be built in Canada.
This sleek new 90 foot "state of the art" Fireboat is designed to break up to 12 inches of first year ice at 3 knots and can therefore operate year round on Lake Michigan and the Chicago River.
As she goes through the process of qualifying to become a fireboat engineer--and learns what it takes to join the ranks of women who work in non-traditional occupations--she introduces us to many of the unforgettable eccentrics she meets on the Hudson.
The tug is a dual-purpose tugboat and fireboat at MOTSU.
With the exception of white firemen assigned there for "rehabilitation," Engine 11 and Fireboat No.
On the water, to our port and along our substantial shoreline it is important for us to be able to respond quickly," said James Duggan, the fire department's medical services officer and project manager for the fireboat grant.
Some of the money that has been spent has gone for ridiculous purposes--like buying a small Maryland fire department a $350,000 custom-made fireboat or purchasing a new office security system for prosecutors in Prince George's County, Md.
A fireboat on the canal was used to pump water onto the flames and I really don't know how many fire engines attended .
The largest ship model is the Rotterdam of 1959, and others include the overnight North Sea ferry Koningen Beatrix, container ship Nedlloyd Delft, fast catamarans, cross river ferries, tugs, and a bulk carrier that catches fire every 15 minutes, with a fireboat coming to the rescue.
fireboat for the City of Los Angeles, expected to be delivered in November, and a 360 ft.