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(naval architecture)
A vessel similar to a tug but fitted with fire-fighting apparatus.



a vessel used to extinguish fires on vessels and along the waterfront. Fireboats are equipped with pumps that deliver water to fixed turntable monitors or hose pipelines. Pumps may be driven by special motors or by the fireboat’s propelling motor. The delivery of the pumps is 200 to 1,000 m3/hr. There are between two and eight turntable monitors, which are generally installed on the bow, stern, and superstructure of the vessel. It is possible to operate the turntable monitors by remote control. Tanks filled with foam-generating substances allow fireboats to extinguish fires involving petroleum and petroleum products on tankers and in coastal storage facilities. Spraying pipe systems are installed around the hulls of fireboats to allow the boats to come very close to burning objects. The seagoing fireboat General Gamidov of the USSR has a displacement of about 1,000 tons and eight turntable monitors, which have a total delivery of 4,000 m3/hr and can send water between 100 and 120 m. The combined water-and-foam fire-extinguishing system can deliver to the scene of a fire as much as 3,400 m3 of foam within 15 min. The cruising speed of the vessel is 17 knots (31.4 km/hr).

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But DND is now looking at privatizing its tug and fireboat fleets on both the east and west coasts.
Eight years later, New York City is replacing its aged vessels with a pair of fireboats that each can pump 50,000 gallons of water per minute up to five miles inland.
home to the nation's sixth largest container port, recently received a grant from the Department of Homeland Security to overhaul and refit one of its aging fireboats.
Fireboats battle to douse the flames aboard The Diamond Princess which was being fitted out in Nagasaki, southern Japan
With fireboats spraying plumes of water in welcome 22 Navy ships and more than 6,000 Sailors and Marines sailed into New York Harbor May 22, 2002, as Fleet Week began in a city under a fresh warning of terrorism.
On our sailing, fleets of fireboats spewing feathery plumes of water escorted the Grand Princess into and out of each harbor.
In response, a bevy of fireboats docked at the western sea wall of Manhattan island within hours, furiously pumping seawater to land.
The company has built a variety of fireboats over the years, particularly for the Alaskan market although boats for other U.
Wagner ordered Waldorf-Astoria Hotel suites for the King party, and fireboats in the East River saluted as Dr.
The water pumped aboard the burning ship by New York City fireboats and harbor tugs, estimated at 800,000 gallons, caused the ship to roll over onto her port side.
The white and red trimmed pier and its celebrated "Teen roof was built for the city's Department of Docks and Harbor Police in 1884-86 and was most recently a home to fireboats.