fireplace mantel

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mantel, 2
1. A beam or arch that supports the masonry above a fireplace; also called a mantel-tree.
2. All the construction or facing around a fireplace.
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wide house have been restored, including wainscoting, pocket doors, a central staircase, and fireplace mantels.
com)-- For over 30 years, the company has been known for crafting elegant fireplace mantels and other cast stone ornaments.
The latex, once cooled into a sheet and tugged free from its archi-tectural armatures, displays the disquieting inverse memories of the original providential structures--features such as vertical siding and sills, or windowpanes and fireplace mantels, now tumbling and inchoate and retaining some of the clotted detritus and stain of the original components.
Debra and Mark Blain, owners of Fireplace Mantels Etc.
At one point, Baldwin's daughter had the original doors, windows, marble and fireplace mantels removed.
Original Wood Designs specializes in the design and production of cabinetry, turnkey stairs, fireplace mantels and complete trim packages.
Pinecrest also makes hardwood fireplace mantels in 18th- and 19th-century styles.
When you need to protect whole walls, kitchen cabinets, chandeliers or fireplace mantels, reach for this.
Homeowners, architects and builders can now view inventory and alternatives of architectural products such as columns, moldings, fireplace mantels and more over the Internet on a new website: http://www.
lately introduced new fireplace mantels and hoods designs for both residential and business-related purpose.
Built in 1899, this brownstone home has original facades and inside details that include wainscoting, an East Lake design pier mirror, six wood fireplace mantels with tile work, mahogany shutters, center mouldings, ceiling rosettes, pocket doors, built-ins and a clawfoot tub.