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The firewall appliance runs the same security management system the largest enterprise customers rely on to protect their assets.
India, April 15 -- WatchGuard Technologies has announced that it will provide next-generation firewall appliances for businesses using Mitel unified communications (UC) solutions.
'Watchguard started the whole firewall appliance market in 1996 and has established an excellent reputation for robust security and ease-of-use since then.
Privately held secure email firewall appliance vendor CipherTrust Inc, which claims to be in its eighth consecutive quarter of profitability and positive cash flow, has said it now intends to push into the broader messaging security segment.
Symantec Enterprise Firewall for iSeries includes a hardened Linux operating system, with the application, designed to provide users with a virtual firewall appliance to run directly on one of the logical partitions (LPAR), specific to the iSeries.
The Nokia IP30 Firewall is a firewall appliance designed for stand-alone offices that need network access but do not require virtual private network connectivity while the Nokia IP30 Tele offers both firewall and VPN capabilities to enable users to connect securely from home to a company local area network or from a small office to the corporate headquarters or data centre.
Firewall Servers has announced its Enigma 2.0 Firewall Appliance, an application proxy-based gateway firewall that provides enterprise security for Internet, intranet, and extranet traffic.
FortiGate-VMX firewall appliance, which will enable greater security for
M2 EQUITYBITES-October 14, 2014-Fortinet introduces new data center firewall appliance
Security, storage and networking solutions company Barracuda Networks Inc announced today that it has added new features to the Barracuda Spam & Virus Firewall Appliance to enhance full inbound and outbound e-mail scanning.
The first type to take off was the firewall appliance. Products such as the WatchGuard Firebox grew in popularity and today there is a wide range of firewall/VPN appliances, according to the analysts, overtaking software based firewalls in popularity.
Progressive Systems announced a firewall appliance, based on its ICSA-certified Phoenix Adaptive Firewall and the Cobalt Qube2, designed as an out-of-the box security solution for small businesses, workgroups, and branch offices.