Firing Point

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firing point

[′fīr·iŋ ‚pȯint]
Location from which fire is delivered in target practice.

Firing Point


a conventional term that refers to any means of fire (machine gun, field gun, mortar, and the like) deployed in an open or concealed fire position.

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Second step is to establish a series of flash checkpoints in and around all known/templated firing points. The checkpoints are located on identified egress routes around the NAIs/TAIs.
Each squad is then assigned a specific firing point for its starting position.
Do not allow the mortar section to fire from some distant firing point while the company conducts live fires.
* Line squads drop when called for ammunition: Using his quick reference card, the mortar section sergeant and the FSO/FSNCO can call for the squads or teams that carry the required ammunition to be dropped off at the mortar firing point location.
Officers discovered four men at a firing point being given instructions by two others and three men armed with shotguns.
This concept is predicated on situation dependent tactics, in which the mortar platoon establishes a firing point in the center of the battalion AOR so it can provide indirect fires in any direction.
Army bomb disposal officers were still working last night to dismantle the firing point of the 800lb device discovered on Saturday in Co Armagh.