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a title in ancient Rome.

The princeps senatus was at the head of the list of the senators and was usually the eldest of the former censors. Officially he had no special authority or rights, except for the honorary right to express the first opinion in the Senate when a question was posed by the consuls. Nevertheless, during the republican period some holders of the office had considerable authority and often exercised a strong influence on policy. During the imperial period, beginning with the reign of Augustus, the term princeps senatus designated the bearer of imperial power.

The princeps iuventutis was the leader of the equestrian order.

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When it comes to selecting a president, First Citizen believes there are no real choices; only those candidates foisted upon the electorate through a widely misunderstood "beauty contest" managed by an entrenched political elite who are underwritten by unseen big money interests.
She was selected for the designation by a committee of past First Citizen honorees.
I would like to thank all the people of Coventry who have given me their support over the years, in particular my year of office, and allowing me to become the city's First Citizen.
So when it comes to flag poles and first citizens, let's stop arguing and start laughing.
Because political influence today is solely controlled by big money interests such as PACs and corporate lobbyists, the process of voting by the citizenry has been rendered practically meaningless," according to the First Citizen.
named Eugene's Future First Citizen for 2013 - both for what she has accomplished thus far but also for her potential to have an impact in the future.
The chamber also honored a group of local students who were finalists for the Future First Citizen award for their contributions to the community and promise of things to come.
First Citizens Bank has become prepared to acquire the assets of a failed community bank, with presence in Milwaukee, ensuring its expansion to the Wisconsin market.
For being named Eugene's Future First Citizen, Walro received a $1,000 scholarship.
Also at the luncheon, Siuslaw High School senior Juline Walker, daughter of John and Karen Walker, was named future first citizen.
29 September 2011 - S&P on Wednesday upheld its BBB+/A-2 counterparty credit ratings on Trinidad and Tobago-based First Citizens Bank Ltd.
The agreement provides for the acquisition of Tampa, Florida-based HomeBancorp by First Citizens Bank.

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