First Day of Summer

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First Day of Summer (Iceland)

Thursday between April 19-25
In Iceland the First Day of Summer is second in importance only to Christmas and New Year's Day. It is a legal holiday observed on the Thursday that falls between April 19 and April 25, a time of year that marks the end of the long northern winter. The custom of giving gifts on this day was widespread by the middle of the 19th century, although they were usually homemade articles or, in some areas, a share of the fisherman's catch.
Special foods associated with the First Day of Summer include summer-day cakes—flat rye breads up to a foot in diameter—on top of which the day's share of food for each person would be piled. Since the turn of the century it has also been a popular day for young people to give speeches, poetry readings and dramatic performances, or to engage in singing, dancing, and sports.
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The country is approaching the first day of summer at the end of the month, meaning it's also nearing its annual forest fire season which can cause serious environmental damage, burning swaths of forests and displacing hundreds.
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WHERE in the world would you find national holidays on either side of a weekend that saw in the month of May, first, on April 29 a Royal Wedding, and then on May 2, celebrations of Labour Day, with resonances of the medieval communal celebrations of the first day of summer, shown in Morris Dancing and ribbons around a Maypole that originated in pre-Christian times?
THE first day of summer? The weather in Ballybofey was more like a league match at the start of February and the football was even worse.
Sure, there may have been plenty of powder left in parts of the Sierra Nevada on the first day of summer, but unlikely was it the reason for Tom Grom's over-exuberance upon being gifted an unused "Cardiel snow skate" that had been hidden at High Speed for years and years.
On the first day of summer, Erik Anderson of Destin looked across Choctawhatchee Bay and saw all the vessels of opportunity staging for their morning meeting with British Petroleum.
Today as I was finishing my duct tape chores (you know--securing the gutters back on the roof, fixing a rip in the dog food sack, that kind of stuff) I realized that tomorrow is the first day of summer and I haven't had the air conditioner serviced!
The architecture of the temple in Saar settlement allowed for observation of the summer solstice - the first day of summer.
Well, not a white turtleneck, sweater, shorts and sandals, but spend your first day of summer stocking your closet with bangin' bikinis, tees, shorts, jeans and a couple amazing sundresses (unless you live in Michigan ...