First Fit

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First Fit

A resource allocation scheme (usually for memory). First Fit fits data into memory by scanning from the beginning of available memory to the end, until the first free space which is at least big enough to accept the data is found. This space is then allocated to the data. Any left over becomes a smaller, separate free space.

If the data to be allocated is bigger than the biggest free space, the request cannot be met, and an error is generated.

Compare Best Fit.
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Ferrars is a very headstrong proud woman, and in her first fit of anger upon hearing it, would very likely secure every thing to Robert, and the idea of that, for Edward's sake, frightens away all my inclination for hasty measures."
Therefore, when his first fit of anger had passed away, having remarked a barred window through which there passed a stream of light, lozenge-shaped, which must be, he knew, the bright orb of approaching day, Louis began to call out, at first gently enough, then louder and louder still; but no one replied.
It added that the lens has a 99% first fit success rate.
Ian Gibson, 47, of Wardley, Gateshead, lost 5st 7lbs when he took part in the first Fit Factor, and he carried on to lose a total of 12st within a year.
The first FIT building to be constructed was the Marvin Feldman Center, which broke ground on Feb.
Epilepsy affects 350,000 people in the UK and every day about 80 people suddenly discover they have the condition when they are struck by their first fit. Drugs can control seizures among some patients but others need surgery to alleviate the sometimes debilitating effects of the condition.
Don't get discouraged if the first fit is not quite right -- like any other relationship, it takes time and understanding to get it right.

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