Gulf War

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Gulf War:

see Persian Gulf WarPersian Gulf Wars,
two conflicts involving Iraq and U.S.-led coalitions in the late 20th and early 21st cent.

The First Persian Gulf War, also known as the Gulf War, Jan.–Feb.
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; Iran-Iraq WarIran-Iraq War,
1980–88, protracted military conflict between Iran and Iraq. It officially began on Sept. 22, 1980, with an Iraqi land and air invasion of western Iran, although Iraqi spokespersons maintained that Iran had been engaging in artillery attacks on Iraqi towns
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Ed James and Ursula Hammond, Continental, and John James, Get A-Head, stand by for the "Night of Decadence", and hostage John Peters (right) in the first Gulf War
He had also served in the first Gulf War and, following his death in Afghanistan, the military awarded him the Air Medal, the Bronze Star, the Purple Heart, the Nevada Distinguished Service Medal and the Combat Action Badge.
Since the first Gulf War, Marine Corps vertical heavy lift has been getting further and further away from the original requirement it was developed to meet, a behind the lines logistics support aircraft," Croisetiere explained.
He later served in the army and was deployed to Saudi Arabia during the first Gulf War.
Of the 580,400 soldiers who served in the First Gulf War, 11,000 are dead and 325,000 are on permanent medical disability.
A growing number of veterans from the first Gulf War are now developing symptoms of MS, but they often face an uphill battle in obtaining disability benefits from the VA," the senator's office noted in a press release.
Land mines left behind from previous wars continue to kill more people across the planet than any other weapon of mass destruction, and the infrastructure destroyed by bombs and sanctions took a million lives in Iraq in the decade after the first Gulf War.
This latest book begins with a fine introduction that briefly describes the F-14's pre-9/11 combat in the first Gulf War, where its less-than-stellar record was not because of any fault of the aircraft or its crews.
Use your own knowledge of current events to write a five-sentence paragraph identifying differences between the first Gulf war and the current war in Iraq.
Widespread use of stealth since we introduced very low radar-cross-section technology in the first Gulf War.
Indeed, most of them didn't seem to understand the inherent lack of credibility of an occupation run by the United States, which stood by while Saddam slaughtered many thousands of Kurds and Shiites after the first Gulf War, and by the United Kingdom, Iraq's former colonial ruler.
Mark Joyella has won five Emmys for his reporting and writing and has twice earned honors from the Associated Press, including an award for his stories covering the Army's 24th Infantry Division during the first Gulf War.