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Shahbaz Ahmed and Mrs Tanzeela Cheema thanked the first secretary for her interest in Pakistan hockey and visiting the PHF headquarters.
The Ministry of Energy's first secretary said the 2014 Constitution touches on new and renewable energy and encourages private sector participation in it.
Embarking in November 1962 on a plan to restructure the party institutions of the USSR, Nikita Khrushchev pushed through reforms that by early 1963 had bifurcated 75 of the country's 136 regional communist party committees into separate agricultural and industrial organs, each with its own obkom first secretary.
First Secretary, Camaguey: Julio Cesar Garcia Rodriguez was replaced by Jorge Luis Tapia Fonseca, 49, an economist.
Kim was elected first secretary at a party conference and first chairman of the commission at a meeting of parliament ahead of the centennial Sunday of the birth of state founder Kim Il Sung, his grandfather.
The former first secretary also said he wished he had been involved in post-war planning in Iraq, saying a "huge price" had been paid after the British Government pressed for more planning, US secretary of state Colin Powell prepared detailed documents, but "they were all swept off the desk with one sweep of the US defence secretary's (Donald Rumsfeld) arm into the bin.
Mr Tokuda, first secretary, political section, Embassy of Japan; Ian Strangward, managing director, Boulton Construction Products and chairman of Business Link Black Country; Mr Tanizawa, first secretary, Embassy of Japan, and Tom Watson MP for West Bromwich West
TONY BLAIR was humiliated yesterday - after it was left to the Tories to tell him his First Secretary for Wales had quit.
Orders dated December 21, 2017, which provides for the cessation of Armando Ikaka Bankaka as First Secretary of the Embassy of Equatorial Guinea in United Nations, and Francisco Javier Toichoa Nduo is named in the same position.
Berhane Gebrehwet Solomon, First Secretary Charge d'Affaires ad interim March 15, 2016 BOLIVIA T.
First secretary of the Party in the city of Santa Clara, later promoted to first secretary in the eastern province of Granma.
In 1999, following the establishment of the National Assembly, the council asked the Secretary of State and the First Secretary to advise us of the arrangements that should be made.