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(1) The first violinist of an orchestra; performs the violin solos and sometimes replaces the conductor at rehearsals. In 18th-century instrumental chamber groups, the concertmaster served as conductor.

(2) The leader of one of the string groups in an orchestra (violas, cellos, basses).

(3) A pianist who accompanies vocalists during their concert performances and helps them prepare their parts.

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In a very lengthy and erudite paper, "Virtuosismo violinistico e direzione orchestrale: rapporti storici e scissione dei ruoli" ("Violin Virtuosity and Orchestral Conducting: Historical Relations and the Division of Roles"), Renato Ricco analyzes the gradual development of the orchestral director/conductor as separate from the first violinist or keyboard player.
it's so raw when she's on set or on screen" Mark Ivanir, not so well known as the other three main actors, still more than holds his own as the first violinist, "a bit of a loner and a perfectionist .
Perhaps surprisingly for some, the leader and first violinist of the Northern Sinfonia, Bradley Creswick, will appear in a trio with Archie Brown and Pat Rafferty in roots music mode.
PICTURE: Nasar TK By Fran Gillespie/Doha Director Brita Fray and members of the orchestra with Concertmaster and First Violinist Katrina Elliman (standing).
Francesca is performing on a marvelous violin, made by Giuseppe Guarneri del Gesu' (Cremona, 1734), among whose previous owners was the great Ruggiero Ricci, the first violinist in history to record the 24 Caprices, in 1947, on this very violin
The impending shakeup spurs second violinist Robert (Philip Seymour Hoffman) to suggest that he be allowed to play first chair on occasion, to the irritation of Daniel (Mark Ivanir), the quartet's tightly wound first violinist.
When the first violinist played a high floating melody in unison with the first oboist, each gave the other room to be heard, supporting and guiding in equal measure like two lovers.
In 2010 Pavel Hula succeeded founding first violinist Vaclav Remes.
She was a homemaker, worked as an executive secretary for Albertson's and King's Table and was first violinist with the Sacramento City Symphony Orchestra.
If a melody is shared between a first violinist and a cellist, the violinist has to be persuaded that it might be honorable, and even interesting, to let the cellist have the spotlight occasionally.
As first violinist in the Prometheus Piano Quintet, Lewis has traveled the globe performing and teaching.
Both the Vienna State Opera and the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra have a close connection with Japan,'' Clemens Hellsberg, 59, the orchestra's chairman and first violinist, told Kyodo News after the concert.

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