Fischer, Ernst

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Fischer, Ernst


Born July 3, 1899, in Komotau, Austria-Hungary (present-day Chomutov, Czechoslovakia); died Aug. 1, 1972, in Deutschfeistritz, Austria. Austrian writer, literary scholar, and public figure.

Fischer was a member of the Social Democratic Party of Austria from 1920 to 1934. In 1934 he joined the Communist Party of Austria. That same year he emigrated; and from 1939 to 1945 he lived in the USSR, where he contributed to the radio and press under the pseudonym Peter Viden. The author of several works of fiction, he also wrote publicist, political, historical, and antifascist articles, as well as articles of literary and art criticism, which he published in the collections Art and Humanity (1949) and From Grillparzer to Kafka (1962).

In the mid-1960’s, Fischer propagandized revisionism in such works as Art and Coexistence (1966). Fischer was expelled from the Communist Party of Austria in 1969. He subsequently assumed an anti-communist and anti-Soviet position.


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