Fish, Gennadii Semenovich

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Fish, Gennadii Semenovich


Born Mar. 28 (Apr. 10), 1903, in Odessa; died July 6, 1971, in Moscow. Soviet Russian writer. Member of the CPSU from 1943.

Fish graduated from the Institute for the History of Arts in 1924 and from the social sciences department of Leningrad University in 1925. He published his first works in 1922. His poetry collections include On the Neva (1926) and Arkrait’s Notebook (1933). His novellas, based on fact and topical in theme, deal with Karelia during the Civil War and the period of socialist construction; they include The Fall of Lake Kimas-ozero (1932), The Third Train (1935), and lalguba (1936). Fish described events of the Great Patriotic War (1941–45) in A Northern Tale (1942) and Birthday (1944). His books Hail, Denmark! (1959), Encounters in Suorni (1960), Norway Next Door (1963), and Among the Swedes (1966) are highly informative and hold the reader’s interest. Fish was also the author of plays and screenplays, including the script for the film A Naughty Girl (1939). His works have been translated into foreign languages.

Fish was awarded four orders and various medals.


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