Fish Meal

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fish meal

[′fish ‚mēl]
(food engineering)
A protein-rich, dried food product produced from the inedible portions of fishes by dry or wet rendering.

Fish Meal


ground dry fish and fish waste used in animal feeds. Hence, it belongs to the group of feeds of animal origin. Fish meal is rich in protein (up to 60 percent), calcium, phosphorus, vitamin A, vitamin D, and the B-complex vitamins. One kilogram of fish meal containing more than 50 percent protein is equal to 0.90–0.93 feed unit, and 0.5 kg of digestible protein. The quality of fish meal depends on the fat content. Meal with a high fat content (more than 18 percent) cannot be stored for long. The meat and milk of animals fed fish meal acquire a fishy taste and odor. Fish meal is included in rations of pigs, fowl, and young cattle; dairy cattle and animals in the final fattening period are fed small quantities. Fish meal is an important component of mixed feeds.

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