Fish Pump

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Fish Pump


a pump for moving water that contains fish. A fish pump is used to catch fish, to remove fish from fishing gear, and to transport fish hydraulically at processing enterprises. The most widely used pumps for catching fish are centrifugal pumps. Hydropneumatic fish pumps, which do not have moving parts, damage the fish the least. The best pumps for large fish are water-jet pumps.

A fish pump can handle 50 tons or more per hour; the lift height is as much as 7 m. The water-fish mixture usually contains 10–30 percent fish. In comparison with other fishing gear, the efficiency of a fish pump is very low, and for this reason pumps are generally used together with light and electric current, which attract the fish. Pumps are used for delivering fish caught in purse seines, trap nets, and trawls to catching and transport vessels. Fish pumps mounted on tractors are used to unload fish from beach seines that are hauled toward the shore.


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Shortly before leaving Seattle, we had learned that the Destination's fish pump, an essential piece of tendering equipment, was in Kodiak, for a reason that was never clear to me.
Fish from the refrigerated tanks is transferred by a 600-liter fish pump into the hopper elevator, which in turn feeds it to a sorting machine (if it doesn't need to be sorted, it goes by chute directly to the sorting output belt).
Once the net is pulled back up to the surface for loading, the team uses a fish pump that allows it to shorten the loading period from one hour to just two minutes.
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