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A small natural body of standing fresh water filling a surface depression, usually smaller than a lake.



an artificial reservoir dug to a depth of 3–5 m or created by the construction of dams in the valleys of small rivers or streams or in areas of gorges or gullies. A pond is usually no more than 1 sq km in area; it must have sufficiently steep banks, a slightly sloping bottom, and an erosion-resistant floor. If it is fed by the runoff of river or subsurface waters, the pond will only be filled in the spring by melting snow. Outlets are frequently installed to remove surplus water. In rural areas, ponds are built for irrigation, fish and waterfowl breeding, and the storage of water for various purposes. In cities and recreation areas, ponds are used for fishing, swimming, and other sports.

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Efforts should be made to assign value on non-marketed benefits of fish pond that were identified by this study in order to accord fish ponds the importance it deserves.
The current study was performed mainly at four larger farms: Vagina (57[degrees]50' N; 26[degrees]51' E) and Ilmatsalu (58[degrees]23' N; 26[degrees]32' E), where the total area of fish ponds amounts to 163.
Exports of fishery products from fish ponds or breeding centers
An officer came to have a look and told me he thought it was a fish pond but I told him Jan already had a pond.
The fish pond, however, is lined with 20-mil vinyl; the Nooneys tried the 8-mil polyethylene here first, but the weight of the water soon made it leak.
A FATHER sobbed yesterday as he told how he found his two-year-old son drowned in the family fish pond.
HUNGRY herons have struck again - this time at a fish pond in Cowlersley.
The court heard how Daniel had been making a small fish pond in his garden.
This latest investment into developing the park's fish pond is a very exciting project and we're sure that by improving these facilities, more people will visit the park and perhaps try angling for the first time.
A SOUTHPORT man poured diesel into his next door neighbour's fish pond during a dispute over the noise of an ornamental waterfall.
A 18-month-old boy died after he fell into a fish pond in the back garden of his home.