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The Ducks' Ian Jones and Fishguard's James Griffiths missed early penalty attempts, the latter then landing one on 12 minutes to put the Seagulls ahead.
The cast stayed in Fishguard Bay Hotel and many of the local people were recruited as extras.
Cerys, who went to school in Fishguard, told them: "I'm happy to be your president...just as long as I don't have to set foot in a rowing boat."
Namely, the Welsh Government funding for a three-year trial of additional trains to Fishguard and the reopening of the derelict Fishguard and Goodwick rail station in September 2011 and May 2012 respectively.
The Fishguard all-weather lifeboat was subsequently launched to locate the 37-year-old, from Kent.
"They have inadequate on-site parking and it is the residents who are suffering because workers are leaving their cars at the junction of Fishguard Road and Ty Glas Avenue.
Retired army officer Bryn, in his second term as Fishguard mayor, said: "John Sparks has done a great deal for our town and I would defend him every time.
Should we in west Wales be more aggressive and ambitious and demand, yes demand, the upgrading of the road from St Clears to Fishguard to dual way standard with a high speed railway line from London to Fishguard to the standard of the proposed HS2?
The two men were found safe and well at a bed and breakfast in Fishguard, about seven miles from where the yacht was discovered, a short time later.
ResidentsAE association chairwoman Cheryl Budge, of Fishguard Road, Llanishen, said: oPeople are too scared to go to the shops.
"I saw Terry on Friday and he said he was going to try this caravan park in Fishguard for a change.
REFER to Rhodri Clark's March 14 report on a new analysis of Welsh rail passenger numbers, in particular to the reported 21% increase at Fishguard.