Fishing Vessel

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Fishing Vessel


a component of the fleet of the fishing industry. There are three types of fishing vessels, each serving a different purpose: carrier vessels, receiving-transport vessels, and auxiliary vessels. The carrier vessels are the most important in terms of number, displacement tonnage, and power of propulsion units.

Receiving-transport and auxiliary fishing vessels appeared in the early 20th century, when the fishing industry turned to fishing grounds in the open areas of the world ocean. This expansion necessitated the constant transport from the fishing grounds of the various food and industrial products prepared on processing and catching-processing vessels. Also necessary was the delivery of fuel, water, and food to the fishing grounds.

Receiving-transport vessels include refrigerator ships, tankers, and dry cargo vessels. Auxiliary fishing vessels include ships for fishing survey, scientific research vessels, and salvage tugboats.

In countries with developed fisheries (1975) the total power of the propulsion units of fishing vessels constitutes 40 percent or more of the power of the entire civilian fleet.


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