Fitness for Work

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Fitness for Work


a state of health allowing a person to perform work of a certain quantity and quality.

Soviet law distinguishes the following categories of fitness: fitness for general work (the ability to perform unskilled work under ordinary conditions), fitness for specialized labor (the ability to work in a given occupation under specific conditions, for example, in a factory with hazardous conditions), limited fitness (the ability to perform labor with certain limitations), and disability, both temporary and permanent. All Soviet women aged 16 to 55 and men aged 16 to 60 are presumed to be fit for general work. Fitness for specialized work is determined by a physician in a preliminary medical examination upon entering a new place of work. Periodic medical examinations are conducted at a number of enterprises (the list of industries, occupations, and jobs for which such examinations are mandatory was approved by the Ministry of Public Health of the USSR in 1969).

An evaluation of a person’s fitness is normally made in a health care institution. In the case of prolonged or permanent disability, the evaluation is made by a medical advisory commission or a medical labor commission of experts.

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"It is shocking information has been kept from those reviewing these claims for so long that the department is now saying it is to late to know for certain if the fitness for work tests did indeed contribute to the deaths of disabled benefit claimants."
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This process involves the proper identification of individuals named in the DOLE order and establishing their respective qualifications and fitness for work,' the company said.
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Early chapters of the book cover essential concepts of occupational hazards, health and wellbeing, assessing the work environment, legal aspects, ethics, and determining fitness for work. Later chapters review eight specific conditions, including musculoskeletal disorders, mental health, infections, cancer, and disorders of uncertain etiology, such as Gulf war syndromes.
My support for 38 Degrees has come from its campaigning against the Department of Work and Pensions benefits changes and the flawed Atos fitness for work examinations when there is no available work for disabled people anyway.
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