FitzGerald, Garrett

FitzGerald, Garrett,

1926–2011, Irish political leader. After studying economics and law, he lectured (1959–73) in political economy at his alma mater, University College. He was first elected to the Dáil (parliament's lower house) in 1969 as a member of Fine GaelFine Gael
, Irish political party. Formed in 1933, it was the successor of the party founded by William Cosgrave that held power from the creation of the Irish Free State in 1922 until ousted by the republican Fianna Fáil in 1932.
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, having previously been elected (1965) to the senate. He was minister of foreign affairs (1973–77) under Liam CosgraveCosgrave, Liam
, 1920–2017, Irish statesman; son of William Cosgrave. After studying law, he entered the Dáil Éireann as a Fine Gael member in 1943 and served as minister of commerce and industry (1948–54), minister for external affairs (1954–57),
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, then became party leader and subsequently prime minister in 1981 as a result of a coalition with the Labour party. Although defeated in early 1982, FitzGerald regained power later that year and was again prime minister until 1987, when election losses caused him to resign as party leader. A moderate nationalist, he was the driving force behind the Anglo-Irish Agreement of 1985. He retired from the Dáil in 1992.
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